When an electric guitar hits the high notes, no kid can resist the urge to jam on the imaginary six-string hanging from his shoulders. The World Air Guitar Championship is yet another testimony proving the simple fact: some kids are older than others.

Fatima "Rockness Monster" Hoang, a young man from Los Angeles, proved that he is better than any other kid in the country at the 2005 U.S. Air Guitar Championships, held at the Key Club in Hollywood.  In front of a sell-out crowd and celebrity judges, Rockness strummed a perfect score in the first round and an unprecedented perfect score in the second "surprise song" round to secure the title, for which he was runner-up in 2004.

Rockness was awarded a trip to Oulu, Finland, for the August World Championships, where he was beaten by Michael "Destroyer" Heffels of Holland in a mesmerizing robotic performance.  Rockness vows revenge in 2006.

To show your stuff on stage, head to the Air Guitar U.S.A. home page for the 2006 schedule, complete with College Tour.  Or, you can throw on your favorite CD (or LP) and wow the imaginary crowd on the stage where the sport was born: your bedroom.