Imagine being able to combine two of man's favorite daydreams: sitting around drinking and driving a racecar. After centuries of beer-clogged thought, the answer has arrived like a refreshing pint of Pabst: drinkers across the country have begun attaching wheels to their barstools. These racers hook the stools up to 12-volt electric motors and compete on everything from NASCAR racetracks to the bars they frequent. Speeds in excess of 30 M.P.H. have been achieved.

A typical race involves navigating five laps around a course of orange cones though most races don't seem to end after the scheduled five laps. "Drivers have both their hands on the steering wheels, so they can't count the laps on their fingers," one spectator notes. "But it doesn't seem to matter how many laps people do; they decide who won later on at the bar."


Here are the only official rules for the sport:

--Barstool must be a real barstool
--12 Volt DC maximum power
--30'' min seat height
--23'' max overall width
--21'' max wheelbase