Beer Pong is exactly what it sounds like. Well, sort of. Of course ping pong balls go back and forth across a standard ping pong table, and you end up drinking the beer (and getting drunk, unless you're really good), but several questions arise.

Should you try to win a ping pong rally and score a point, or make the ball into a cup of beer? Should you try to use paddles, or just throw the balls? How many beers do you use? How many cups do you use? How many balls? Is bouncing allowed? What about blocking, swatting, blowing, ceilings, walls, spectators...?

It turns out that there are more questions than answers, as every group plays a little differently. But, the two main camps are the paddlers and the paddle-less. Playing without paddles (sometimes called Beirut) is somewhat more popular, presumably because you don't need paddles to play. The game can get rough, and things can be broken. However, a ping pong ball is required for every style, including East Coast, West Coast, Major League, North Jersey, Lawrenceville, Dartmouth, Cornell, Flagship, Bounce, 100 Cup, Cockeysville, Dakota, and many more! Beer pong isn't just an american phenomenon; they even play it in Austria!

There are hundreds of versions, and if you don't like the one they play in your neighborhood (and there probably is at least one) visit one of the web sites listed and find a favorite, or make up your own!