The Western Pack Burro Ass-ociation's slogan reads “Celebrating 55 years of hauling ass," which basically sums the whole sport up. You get a burro, load it with 33 lbs of equipment (recommended items: pick, shovel, and a gold pan) and then you and your ass run a marathon at altitudes up to 13,000 feet in Colorado. You can't ride the burro but you can push, pull, drag, or even carry it. Good luck.

“There is no tougher race, no better race --- and every burro racer knows it," says Curtis Imrie, an avid burrow racer/donkey dealer/actor. "[Pack Burro Racing requires] true burro handling, bushwhackin', and jack-whackin' skills. Even the New York City Marathon, with its $50,000 first place prize money plus Mercedes, doesn't compare in athletic challenge nor tradition nor culture.”

So get your ass in gear and head out to the next Burrow Race.