Miniature Golf - or Crazy Golf, Minigolf, Adventure Golf, Putt Putt - call it what you will, is often unfairly dismissed as a simple game. In reality, using a Putter to hit, bank, or chip a ball around obstacles and into a hole in as few shots as possible is a serious sport. There are governing bodies, national federations, and World Championships.

In tournaments, competitors play 18 holes, all of which are par 2. Some federations allow players to use different types of balls (from no bounce to super bounce), which better enable players to score holes-in-one (aces). This adds an often underestimated level of complexity to the game. Serious pros have the ability to achieve aces on every hole for a perfect score of 18.

Some Basic Rules:

There is a six-stroke limit on all holes. If the ball is not holed after 6 shots, score a 7.

If the ball exits the course, place it at the point of exit. There is no Penalty (In non-competition play, many courses will state a penalty stroke be added to the score. There are often 'course specific' rules too!)

You may move the ball eight inches (20cm) from any obstruction.

Written by:

Richard Gottfried: MiniGolfer Extraordinaire