Sport Stacking


This spring, thousands of fans gathered in the Denver Coliseum in Colorado to ooh and ahh at the display of speed, coordination, ambidexterity and….cups. This was the World Sport Stacking Championships, the so-called “Superbowl of Sport Stacking.” Cup stacking, it seems, is quickly catching on with people of all ages and athletic ability. Organizers are fond of saying that it is the fastest growing sport in America . Of course, going from 1 participant to 100 represents a growth rate the NBA could only dream of.

The sport entails stacking and unstacking plastic cups into a pyramid as fast as you can. According to the World Sport Stacking Association, or WSSA, sport stacking improves not only your hand-eye coordination, but also boosts your self-confidence and leadership skills. It's a little unclear on how that works but maybe you just have to try it to find out.

So far, it's worked well for Emily Fox, the Venus Williams of Speed Stacking. She's the daughter of WSSA-president and founder Bob Fox but this is not about nepotism, this is about skill and agility. As a 9th grader, Emily set the world record for stacking and unstacking 12 cups. She did it in 7.43 seconds. Sport stacking improved her athletic abilities to such an extent that she made the local all-star basketball team in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. This year she wanted to best her record at the World Championship but had a prior commitment to play basketball so the record stands.